Dine In Menu

Our Upscale Dining Room can accommodate all possible types of special private parties, including but not limited to birthday celebrations, wedding receptions, showers, fashion exhibits, repast after funeral services, executive business meetings with meals and more.


House Salad

Crispy romaine lets tossed with carrots, tomatoes & cucumber.  Served with G’s home style dressing

Caesar Salad
Fresh romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and crisp croutons.
Chicken / Grill shrimp

Grilled Salmon Salad
Fresh romaine lettuce tossed with tomato, cucumber, carrots & sweet peppers drizzled with G’s home style dressings

Crispy Tofu Salad
Crispy romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sweet peppers & crisp tofu cubes lightly drizzled with Italian dressings

Chicken Soup

Chunks of chicken richly boiled to perfection combined with yam, potato, carrots & dumplings.
Served daily Sm/Lg
Soup of the day Sm/Lg

Served with Rice & Peas or Vegetable & Plantains

Jerk Chicken
Dark meat simmered over an open fire glazed to perfection

Brown Stew Chicken
Fried dark meat simmered with pieces of carrots in a rich brown stew sauce

Curried Chicken
Dark meat marinated and cooked in curry sauce accompanied with chunks of potato

Curried Goat
Goat marinated and cooked with curry sauce accompanied with carrots & potato

Chunks of oxtail stewed down with herbs, spices, carrot & butter beans

Allergies: Some menu items have not been pasteurized. They may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness especially in children, elderly or people with weakened immune system. 

Served with vegetable and plantain

Brown Stew Snapper
A whole snapper fried crispy and simmered with herbs & bell peppers in a rich brown sauce

Escoveitched Snapper
Whole snapper deeply fried and sautéed with onion, pepper and carrots

Steamed Snapper
Seasoned & steamed down in a rich sauce combined with okra & pumpkin

Grilled Salmon
Grilled over an open fire and served on a bed of cabbage.  Served with our house sauce

Jerk Salmon
Marinated in jerk sauce and grilled over an open fire.  Served with our house sweet sauce on a bed or steamed vegetables

Stuffed Salmon
Medium size salmon stuffed with crab meat and laid on a bed of lo mein

Curried Lobster
Fresh lobster meat simmered in a special curry sauce served on a bed of fried rice

Have it your way shrimp
Medium size shrimp perfected the way you want it. Curry, jerk, Grill, Garlic, peppered, buttered. Served with lo mein

Served with Vegetable and Plantain

Brown Stew Chunks
Soy chunks simmered in a light brown stew sauce with beans and vegetable

Ital Stew
Chunks of potatoes, peas, carrots and pumpkin stewed down in rich brown sauce

Have it your way Tofu
Chunks of firm Tofu prepared to your delight. Jerk, Curry, Stew, Sweet & Sour or Fried


Rasta Pasta
Penny pasta mixed with bell peppers a creamy jerk sauce.  Topped with parmesan cheese
Chicken / Shrimp

Veggie Penny Pasta
Penny pasta mixed with bell peppers and carrot tossed in tomato sauce
Crispy Tofu


Rice & Peas
White Rice
Boiled Provision of yam, banana and boil dumplings
Fried Plantain
Mash Potato
Macaroni & Cheese,
Seasoned French Fries